About Modern Pantry

Welcome to Modern Pantry, I’m Marion. I’m a qualified cook and I love creating delicious dishes. I’m also a busy mother of two youngsters, who happen to be “fussy eaters”. Coming home from work and creating a delicious and exciting meal requires so much energy, and it doesn’t help when the children you’re cooking for are only demanding chicken nuggets and garlic bread!

An idea began to form; what if my kids helped out in the kitchen? It would make my life a lot easier, the kids would learn new skills and appreciate how the food from the supermarket turned into dinner (it’s not magic, it’s cooking!).

With this behind me, I was inspired to create Modern Pantry. By teaching the kid’s delicious, quick and easy dishes to prepare at home it’s a win-win; they’re learning new skills and tastes, as well as occasionally giving Mum and Dad a night off in the kitchen.

My aim is to share delicious dishes with you, bring some excitement back to your dinner table and teach children that food and cooking is exciting…even vegetables! I hope you enjoy the recipes with your friends and family. Happy cooking!

Bon Appetit x Marion